Brooklyn Park/Center
This is a subdivision Urban Academy.

MTA Brooklyn Park/Center is open to all interested competitive (U9-U12) and recreational (U6-U8) players regardless of current ability and playing level.

Our focus is on the proper technical and tactical development of the player while helping them build a love for the game of soccer. At the U8-U12 ages, players are taught the correct individual technical skills in a challenging yet positive environment that lays the foundation for their future success as a player.

We are successful in player development because of the training environment we create and our professional staff of trainers and coaches which are some of the most experienced and best in the state.

If you live in the Brooklyn Park/Center area and you wish to improve as a soccer player, Minnesota Thunder Academy Brooklyn Park/Center is where you need to be training. For more information, contact us at:

Brooklyn Park/Center Director - Youssef Darbaki

Administrator - Chad Moore