Elite Clubs National League Facts
MTA Will Be Offering U14, U15, U16, U17, & U18 ECNL Teams


The Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) is the best league in the country for female soccer players.  Playing in the ECNL will provide your daughter with more training (3-5 times per week over 11 month period) and more meaningful games versus the Top 73 youth clubs in the nation to provide your daughter with the best experience possible.  

Player Identification Programs- Both the ID2 Program and the ECNL Player Development Program, offer female players the opportunity to take their game to the next level.  No other club in Minnesota is allowed to send players to the PDP program.   

10 Month Season- MTA will begin their ECNL season in mid October of 2014 and play through ECNL Nationals in Mid July of 2014.  

College Exposure- ECNL players are exposed to 400-500 college coaches throughout the regular season and during showcases.  The players are also constantly being evaluated by National team staff during National Event games and during technical training sessions.  

The Only ECNL Club- MTA was choosen as the only club in Minnesota to be in the ECNL.  No other club will be allowed into the ECNL from Minnesota.  MTA stands alone as the only soccer club in Minnesota that can provide this level of training, games, and exposure.

2014-2015 Teams

  • U14 
  • U15 
  • U16  
  • U17
  • U18 

Tryouts & Rosters

  • Tryouts will be held at the NSC in Blaine July 27 & 28.  (Tryout page, click here)
  • Rosters for MTA ECNL teams will be formed by August 1, players must decide at the tryout time if they want to participate in the ECNL.
  • Roster Size per age group (18-22 players)


  • 3-5 times per week.
  • Training starts in mid August and will run through July 2014. 
  • Friendlies games
  • We will take a small break at some point in the winter, more to follow…


  • ECNL Games will be played from October 2014 to July 2015. 
  • Potential MTA Winter Showcase will be played in January or February of 2014.
  • ECNL teams will participate in Summer MYSA League

Tuition & Payments
Players playing ECNL will need to make a down payment by August 1 for $1500 to MTA, this payment is non refundable. The overall tuition for ECNL players will be $2500. (Tuition page, click here)

Opinions about the ECNL
  • Those of you familiar with ECNL soccer know the benefit of playing in this league.  Development, Competition, and Exposure.
  • The league is the best youth soccer league in the country.  
  • The competition is second to none at the youth or HS level.  
  • Those of you who are very serious about playing college soccer the ECNL will prepare you for that level.  
  • Every college coach we have talked to would want their future players playing in the ECNL versus playing High School.
  • For the very serious player, this will put MTA players on the same playing schedule as the top players and top programs around the country, like Eclipse, Hawks and most of CA and TX.

More information on the Elite Clubs National League (Click Here