Over the past decade, the Minnesota Thunder Academy (MTA) has proven itself as the #1 Club in Minnesota. In addition to being the top club at the state-level, MTA continues to qualify for Regional and National events. Beginning in 2009, the MTA Elite Girls Academy became the only Minnesota Club accepted into the Elite Clubs National League. In 2010, the MTA Elite Boys Academy began competing in the US Soccer Developmental Academy.

“The US Youth Soccer National Championships serves as the crown jewel of competitive youth soccer as the nation’s top 56 youth soccer teams, in the Under-14 through Under-19 Boys and Girls brackets, compete for the US Youth Soccer National Championship title.”

Since the tournament began, only two Minnesota teams have ever won the competition. MTA has sent three teams in the past decade to this very prestigious event, including two runner-up finishes. For more information on the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series, please click the logo above.

US Youth Soccer National Championship Runner-Up
2003 – U18 (84/85) Girls
2002 – U17 (84/85) Girls

US Youth Soccer National Championship Qualifier
2011 - U16 (94/95) Boys
2010 – U16 (93/94) Girls

“The Regional Championship Tournament is one of four regional tournaments comprising the next-to-highest level of a nationwide tournament whose objective is to determine regional champions and national champions… The winners of the U-14, U-15, U-16, U-17, U-18, U-19 divisions advance to the US Youth Soccer National Championships.”

US Youth Soccer Region II Champion
2011 - U16 (93/94) Boys
2007 – U13 (93/94) Girls
2003 – U18 (84/85) Girls
2002 – U17 (84/85) Girls

US Youth Soccer Region II Runner-Up
2011 - U17 (93/94) Girls
2010 – U16 (93/94) Girls
2005 – U17 (87/88) Girls
2005 – U13 (91/92) Boys
2001 – U16 (84/85) Girls

“The US Youth Soccer Minnesota State Cup is a tournament designed to select the Minnesota league team or Midwest Regional team at each age level and gender to represent Minnesota at the US Youth Soccer Midwest Region II Championships. Regional winners (U14-U19) will go on to compete in the US Youth Soccer National Championships.”

Each year, only 14 teams (7 boys and 7 girls) are crowned Minnesota State Cup Champions. In 2010, MTA took home 9 out of 14 titles and since 2003, have earned 53 State Cup Championships. No other club in the state comes close to the success that MTA has had over the past seven years.

US Youth Soccer Minnesota State Cup Champion

2013 (4) - U13B, U15B, U14G, U18G
2012* (3) - U13B, U14B, U15B
2011 - (7) U13B, U14B, U16B, U14G, U15G, U16G, U17G
2010 – (9) U13B, U14B, U15B, U17B, U19B, U13G, U15G, U16G, U19G
2009 – (7) U13B, U14B, U15B, U18B, U15G, U18G, U19G
2008 – (8) U13B, U17B, U19B, U13G, U14G, U15G, U17G, U18G
2007 – (8) U14B, U16B, U18B, U13G, U14G, U16G, U17G, U19G
2006 – (9) U13B, U15B, U17B, U18B, U19B, U13G, U15G, U16G, U18G
2005 – (6) U13B, U14B, U17B, U18B, U14G, U17G
2004 – (6) U14B, U15B, U19B, U13G, U16G, U19G

*Beginning in 2012, ECNL and US Development Academy teams did not participate in State Cup

US Club Soccer’s National Championship competition: U-13 through U-17 winners from each Regional advance to the National Cup Finals, where national champions are crowned in two competitive divisions.” For more information regarding US Club Soccer national championship competition, please click the logo above.

US Club Soccer National Cup Runner-Up
2010 – U14 (95/96) Girls

US Club Soccer National Cup Qualifier
2005 – U14 (90/91) Girls

US Club Soccer Regional Cup Champion
2010 – U14 (95/96) Girls
2009 – U12 (96/97) Girls
2005 – U14 (90/91) Girls


Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) The goal of the ECNL is to change the landscape for elite female soccer players in the United States through innovative, player-centered programming and to enhance the overall experience by creating a better, more enjoyable, and more successful player, coach, and club development model.

ECNL National Finals B Flight Runner-Up
2012 – U15 (96/97) Girls
2012 – U17 (94/95) Girls

ECNL National Finals NASL 4th Place
2014 – U16 (97/98) Girls

ECNL Midwest Conference Champions
2013 – U16 (96/97) Girls

National Soccer Rankings.com is a highly respected website that ranks teams and clubs across the country. "It is a very prestigious list and is a testament to a clubs quality and success over several age groups." For more information on these rankings, please click the logo above.

National Soccer Rankings Top 25 Club Rankings
2012 - MTA Girls #24 Nationally
2011 - MTA Girls #20 Nationally
2010 - MTA Girls #18 Nationally
2009 – MTA Girls #17 Nationally
2008 – MTA Girls #22 Nationally