Welcome to the Minnesota Thunder Academy East Managers page. This page is designed to provide our team managers with guidelines and resources to assist them in their manager role. Many of the following suggestions/guidelines are from current or previous managers:

Important Contacts you will need:

MTA East Director  Andy Kaasa 
MTA Administrator  Chad Moore 
MTA Hang A Star Director  Dave Alberti 
MTE Registrar  Wendy Nelson 
Referee Scheduler  Joe Barton 



Thank you for volunteering to serve as a team manager. Your role as team manager is instrumental to the success of your team and the club. We want you to be successful and we have put together this manual to give you the necessary tools and “how to’s” to do so. These are only suggestions; please do what works best for you and your team. This is also a “working” manual; it will be continually revised.

The team manager role is a commitment. If you feel you cannot fulfill the responsibilities alone, please enlist another parent to share the responsibilities with you or talk with the coach to see if another parent would be better suited to assume the role. In an effort of continuous improvement, if you discover short cuts, helpful information, or other successful ways to improve the Team Manager responsibilities, please share them with us so we are able to share best practices with other managers. Remember, that while your role entails a great deal of managing, organizing, and paperwork, always consider the well being of your players first.

Thank you again for volunteering and for helping to make this a great year in club soccer.


Every soccer team has at least one designated team manager responsible for administration and coordination of the team’s activities and communication between the families and the coach(es). The team manager is critical to the success of the season and directly impacts the positive experience of the families involved. The coach is to instruct the players in their soccer skills and direct the players at practices and at games. The team manager handles the “off the field” activities. All coaches and team managers need to be registered with MYSA, Minnesota Youth Soccer Association.


Send Andy your name, team you will be managing, address, phone and email address to

Beginning Of The Year Meeting

All players who make an MTA team will receive a welcome letter from the club.  This letter will have asked for the parent to provide the following at the beginning of the year meeting:

  • MTA 2010/2011 Registration Form 
  • MTA Player-Parent Expectations 
  • MTA Player Code-of-Conduct 
  • MTA Parent & Guardian Code-of-Conduct
  • MYSA Liability / Medical Release Form
  • US Club Soccer Player Registration
  • Copy of player’s Birth Certificate
  • Two small photo’s (1.5" x 1.5")
  • Down payment of $500 or a printed receipt from Hang A Star stating that they have created an account and made the down payment

It is helpful for the manager to have a tryout check list form. As the parents return the required information you can check the pieces of information and make sure you have collected everything you require before the parents leave.

At this meeting the coach will outline their coach’s expectations for the season and set practice and training schedules. The coach will introduce the team manager and allow the team manager to address the players and parents of his/her role as well as outline the information needed for the upcoming season. The coach and the team manager should have an ongoing dialogue about roles and expectations for your team.

We have tried to write the managers manual to cover issues as they occur. After tryouts you will have a lot of organizational needs and some of our sample forms used by other managers may assist you. Use what works best for you! 

The first thing to accomplish is to double check that you have all the forms you require from each player and follow up to obtain any missing items. Separate your forms into categories and alphabetize them and place them in your team binder (see recommendations for team binder below). Check the Players information form for jersey number requests. Current team players receive their top choice, current club players receive their choice based on seniority in the club and then you need to determine the jersey number of the new players based on their requests. The team uniform order form is due right away so this should be a priority.

It is recommended that you create a contact information form, update your email address book and send a welcome email to your new team. Ask them to verify the contact information form does not have any mistakes. This will ensure that you have all of the information correct before creating your league rosters! 

Club Tuition

At tryouts all players will be given an outline of the fees for the year and what their tuition will cover.  All players will use the Hang A Star system to make their payments. 

Creating Your Hang A Star Account
Dave Alberti is the club’s Hang A Star rep.  All questions regarding your account should go to him.

  1. Go to and click on the Hang A Star logo on the right hand panel
  2. Go to the member sign up section and follow the instructions

MTA 0910 Financial Assistance Application  

Uniform Ordering

Chad Moore is the uniform coordinator.  It will be important for all players to submit their uniform orders and payment asap.  

No orders will be processed without payment.  No matter how urgent.


Team Binder

You will be the keeper of a lot of information and gear. We’ve found that the best way to keep all of it organized is to create a team notebook. A 3 ring binder that has a zipper to keep everything inside and dry is best. Otherwise it is recommended to use sheet protectors to protect rosters, birth certificates, medical releases, etc. A zipper pouch is useful to hold pens and keep pass cards secure. You will need to carry all necessary forms while traveling with the team. Keep them in your notebook. Here are some suggested tabs for your notebook:

  • Contact Information
  • Contact information (form was recommended earlier) for all players and parents
  • Contact information for coach with home address/phone numbers
  • Field Directions
  • Player Passes (MYSA and US Club)
  • MYSA Competitive Match Reports  Make several copies, but keep your original on file
  • MYSA Replacement Pass Request
  • MYSA Ejected Participant Report
  • Schedules
  • Calendar of all practices, games, friendlies, ODP etc.
  • Copy of game schedules
  • Contact info for other teams in your league

We suggest that you have a binder at home to put the rest of your forms that you do not have to carry with you but have collected at tryouts. As you finish tournaments you will want to move them out of the binder you carry into the binder at home. You may also want to carry a backpack or have a tote container in your car for extra items such as an extra pair of shin guards, socks, hat, gloves, sunscreen, bug spray and a first aid kit. Some recommended items for your first aid kit are athletic tape, pre wrap, band-aids(various sizes), Motrin, antiseptic cream, paper towels, water bottle for rinsing, hydrogen peroxide to remove blood, scissors’ and instant ice.


Risk Management:

Risk Management is an essential aspect of all soccer programs and is overseen by the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA), by US Club Soccer, and by US Soccer. All coaches, assistant coaches, and managers are required to have Risk Management cards before you create your roster for any league. Most tournaments will require a copy of these cards, and league referees may ask to see them. Please ensure that your team is in compliance. 

Your MYSA background check and issuance of a coaches pass will qualify for this.

MTE background check instructions

  1. Go to MYSA website
  2. Right hand column, click on Background Check
  3. You will come to MYSA Background Check page
  4.  Bottom of page in Blue Text, you will find Instructions ( 10 pages ) and link to The McDowell Agency Website.
  5. User ID and Password will be emailed to you by Wendy Nelson

MYSA League Registration

You will work with Wendy Nelson to be registered for the proper league.  


Player passes are official identification and should never be copied or tampered with. Using illegal passes or illegal players can have severe consequences to the player, coach, team manager and the club. You or the coach MUST have the pass cards in order to play a game. Always make sure the referee returns your passes to you or the coach after the game.

It is recommended that you laminate your team’s cards to protect them from wear and weather elements. There are office supply stores or copy centers that provide laminating services, or you can purchase self-laminating sheets. You will also need photo pass cards for head coaches, assistant coaches, and managers. The easiest way to keep your player cards together after they are laminated is to place them on a labeled key ring or binder ring by punching a hole in the upper corner opposite the photo. Generally, organizing them in alphabetical order so that they match the roster sheets is best. It will save time during check-in before games and at tournament registration.

In order to get player passes you will email Wendy Nelson your team’s roster and contact information.

Home League Game Information

Referee Fees and Envelopes For Home Games

Each team is responsible to pay the referee fees. Make sure you divide the fees into the correct denominations for each referee at the game. 11 v 11 and 8v8 games will have 3 referees, one center and two line referees. Be sure you understand the correct fees for your age group and league. Small-sided games may use fewer referee or have different fees structures. 

If it is your home game, you will need to provide a stamped and addressed envelope to the refs along with the line up and passes.  They will use this to send in the game reports to your district age group coordinator.  Most coordinators will provide you with labels for the envelopes.

To be ready in advance of your games, it is easiest to prepare all referee payments at the same time by preparing envelopes for each game. Each envelope should be labeled with the game date, the game number, the team names, the referee it is intended for, and the dollar amount.


  • Please read through and understand the league game packet.
  • Game reports will be given to you from the league.
  • Prepare the team roster/game report sheets. This form will be given to the main referee at the game.
  • Prepare referee payment envelopes.
  • If home team, prepare mailer envelope for game reports.


  • Give the prepared team roster/game report sheet to the main referee.
  • Give the 3 prepared referee payment envelopes to the main referee.
  • Give the player pass cards to the referee to check-in the team.
  • If home team, provide game ball to the main referee.


  • Remember to get player pass cards back from the referee.
  • Check to make sure the game report is signed by the coach confirming that the scores are accurate.
  • Call-in or enter the score in the e-scoring system as necessary. Instructions for the scoring systems can be found on the league website. NOTE: You should check the results web page for your respective league to make sure that it is updated with game scores. At the end of the season, if a game has gone unreported (even if you were the losing team), both clubs are fined. If you find that a game has gone 2 weeks without being updated, please contact the league with the score.
  • Make sure that the field is cleaned up after the game (no left over water bottles, Gatorade containers, wrappers, athletic tape, etc.).

Reschedule of Game

  • If a game needs to be rescheduled due to a conflict or a rainout, it is the home team’s manager’s responsibility to coordinate the reschedule game with the opposing team manager.
  • To coordinate a reschedule/make-up game, you will need to contact the club field coordinator, Andy Kaasa to obtain and “book” game times and the club referee scheduler, Joe Barton, to obtain officials.
  • In the event of a rain out or a late game change please notify Joe Barton so he can contact the officials.
  • If you are trying to reschedule a game and the opposing team is unable to reschedule, you will need to still play or you must forfeit the game.
  • Our club tries to work with the opposing team as much as possible when asked to reschedule home games, however field availability may dictate that we can not change. In the event there is agreement to reschedule, you will need to follow the same steps as for a weather make-up.
  • If we cannot find a field for a rescheduled game ask the opposing club if they have any field availability to host the game.

Registering For TOURNAMENTS

  • Approve your tournament selection with East Director
  • Fill out the online application
  • Team name should look like: MN Thunder Academy 99e Color
  • Inform East Director and Club Administrator that the application has been sent in and send a copy of the registration to them via email so they can write the tournament a check
  • Please read through and understand the required paperwork for each tournament.
  • Handle tournament pre-registration – fill out and gather necessary forms and paperwork.
  • Use US Club passes to travel out of state to save you paper work
  • Complete a MTA Guest Player Waiver for all guest players
  • Handle all hotel reservations or find a parent volunteer to help you. Create a rooming list with room preferences and credit card information to be sent to the hotel contact.
  • Helms Brisco Travel is the Official Travel Partner For MTA if the tournament does not mandate that you use their hotel agency, please contact Elisabeth Luke at Helms Brisco Travel.
  • When arranging hotels, some hotels provide a room for the coach at no charge depending on the number of rooms and their policy – ask. 
  • Print and retain a copy of the tournament rules in your team binder.
  • Provide schedule information as soon as it becomes available to the team and families.
  • Provide maps to tournament fields and hotels to all players.
  • Be responsible for team check-in and registration. This may require you going a day ahead of the team based on tournament schedules.


Each team will have their own MTA Team page on the website. The team web-sites can be accessed through the club website link.

Email is the quickest, easiest and most efficient way to communicate with your families. Please ask parents to provide an email address that they read daily. This will help in the event of a last minute schedule change or cancellation.  It is usually best to ask for work addresses as well as home addresses. If the message is something of an urgent nature (needs to be read in a couple of hours or is an important change in schedule, etc.) you should ask for a return message from the receiver and then follow up with calls to those who did not reply.

Distribute a copy of the roster to each family. Players’ name, birth date, parents’ names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. It’s good to get this to families early so that they can familiarize themselves with names.

You may want to consider creating a “phone tree” for last minute changes. Please make sure that the people helping with calls understand the message that they are to convey.

It is helpful to create a laminated business card size listing of each player’s name, player jersey number, parents’ names, and parents’ cell phone numbers. This is helpful if people are lost; a car breaks down, or in an emergency situation.

Ensure that all parents know where to find the club website and that they know to look there for current new bulletins.

For organizing on your computer, create a team soccer folder and keep a copy of all correspondences sent to the team with possible sub-folders for organizing things like tournament information, league information, etc.

When you have items to hand out to your players, it is helpful to write each player’s name on the handouts. That way you will know exactly who has, and who has not, received that particular information.