Winter Soccer Programming
Winter Registration Is Live

We are excited to announce our Winter Session Dates for our youth programming

West St Paul Regional Athletics Center
1655 Livingston Ave
West St Paul, MN 55118

Purchase Training Kit - MN Thunder Academy page at Eurosport - [click here]

You will be asked to customize the Training Top and to do that you will just need to pick any number to put on the jersey and you will enter that in the lower right part of the screen when ordering.

Training kit top (silver nike tiempo jersey)
Training kit short (black nike tiempo shorts)
Training kit socks (black nike park IV socks)

A Memorable Introduction to the Game of Soccer

Remember when you were 5? Life was about play, fun and making friends. The Dinomites program brings that same spirit of fun and adventure to the entire family and establishes a soccer experience that lasts a lifetime. This program is the first in a series of three educational soccer programs that support the growth and development of players at the younger age levels. This age specific program, is a step by step interactive development guide for youth soccer organizations that run U3/4 and U5/6 programs. The curriculum is based around the adventures of Dino and his sister Deana and there are three principles that act as its foundation;

Days & Times
Option 1: Tuesday’s 5:00pm
Option 2: Sunday’s at 5:00pm 2:45pm is the updated time
For our Winter Session Players attend 1 Day Per Week

Ages 3, 4, and 5 year olds

Session III: February 25th- April 13th

Sunday Make Up Will Be Monday, April 14th 6:00-7:00pm

Cost: $99

Cost For Both Day’s Per Week: $135

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Skillzys® Winter Development League 

The Skillzys® Winter Development League is designed to teach proper technique through training activities and then provide a game like environment where kids can Show Their Skills!

Players will develop their skills for half of each session and play small sided games for the other half of the session.

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U6 Jr Ball Masters

U8 Ball Masters

U10 Advanced Ball Masters

Elite Ball Masters

Program Ages & Days 

Program Option 1 Option 2
U6 Jr Ball Masters- $99 Sunday’s 4:00pm Tuesday’s 5:00pm
U8 Ball Masters- $99 Sunday’s 4:00pm Monday’s 6:00pm
U10 Advanced Ball Masters- $115 Sunday’s 2:45pm Tuesday’s 6:15pm
U11-U14 Elite Ball Masters- $125 Monday’s 6:30pm  

Sunday Make Up Will Be Monday, April 14th 7:00-8:00pm for U6

*Players attend one day per week.  If you are interested in attending two days per week email Andy at for special pricing!
** We need a minimum of 8 kids in each class.  We will email everyone one week before the start if we do not have enough registrants for a certain day of the week.

Session II: January 5th- February 11th

Session III: February 25th- April 13th

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There is a difference between technique and skill. All the technical skill in the world doesn’t help players if they cannot put the technique to use under the pressures of actual game competition. Technique is learned, and that learning happens on the training fields. Skill is also learned, and the best way to develop skill is through practice in real game situations. Skillzys® facilitate parents and coaches to help their young players focus on this skill development, help encourage the attempt of this skill, and allow recognition of successful skill execution regardless of the final score in any youth soccer match. This focus, encouragement, and recognition help breed confidence, excitement, and passion for the game in all players, ensuring a positive youth soccer experience for all.

Think of Skillzys® as Boy or Girl Scout merit badges, but for sports.


With a similar size and feel of a typical credit card, Skillzys® are award-winning, high-quality, colorful, plastic bag tags depicting individual sports techniques, basic tactical ideas, or positive character traits. Young athletes earn Skillzys® by successfully executing a specific technique or tactic or by demonstrating a particular trait under the real-time pressures of match competition.

The Future! 

Days and Times:

Day 1: Sunday 1:15pm-2:45pm
Day 2: Wednesday 6:00-7:30pm
Player’s attend both days of The Future!

Ages 6, 7, 8 and 9 year olds

Session I: November 6th- February 2nd

  • No Class on November 27th, December 22-January 1st

Session II: February 5th- April 13th

  • No Class on February 16th & 23rd

Cost: $250 

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The Goal

  • To develop each boy or girl to their full potential
  • To develop better human beings
  • To give players a solid skill based foundation
  • To build a love for the game of soccer
  • To Identify future Academy players

Substance (The curriculum)
We train twice per week so the kids can truly begin to learn and understand the following

  • Players will learn how their body moves and focus on proper body movements
  • Players will learn how to enjoy having the ball
  • Players will learn how to keep the ball
  • Players will learn what it takes to develop into the best player they can be