Competitive Program Facts

The MTA Competitive program is dedicated to an affordable, friendly soccer experience for every participant and family; to create an opportunity for every young player to play on a team at a level consistent with their ability and commitment, and to provide an environment for players to improve their playing skills and ability.

The MTA Competitive Program offers high level training with professional coaches and offers players the chance to someday move into the Elite Program if that is their desire.

Tryouts and Rosters

  • Tryouts will be held July 24-29
  • Rosters for Competitve teams will be formed after tryouts


  • 1-3 times per week depending on time of year and age group
  • Training starts mid to late August depending on the age group and runs through July 


  • Fall leagues will be played from September-October
  • Summer league will be payed from May-July
  • Tournaments are 2-5 events depending on team