The Future! Begins
Class Starts Friday, May 16th

We are very excited to begin our summer Future! program this Friday.  

If you would like to register please do so here

Time- 6:00-7:30pm

West St Paul Regional Athletics Center
1655 Livingston Ave
West St Paul, MN 55118

May 16th-July 13th

Friday's and Sunday's 6:00-7:30pm

  • No Class Memorial Day Weekend (May 23 & 25)
  • No Class the week of July 4th (July 4 & 6) 

What To Bring

  • Size 4 Soccer Ball
  • Soccer Shoes
  • Shin Pads with soccer socks worn over the shin pads
  • Water

What To Expect- A Player & Club Centric Program

What is going on here? This looks different than anything we've ever done before. 

Those are the most common statements we here through the first part of our programs.  Our program is different than other programs.  We have had a lot of success with this program.  After a month you will start to see some huge improvements in all the players.

What we are doing with this program, is the same ideas and set up we use for all of our National League Teams.  It is different than everyone else's program and it has produced a great environment for the players in our club.

We strongly encourage everyone to look at our MTA Club Guide.  

Will They Play Games?

This program is designed for the players who are really interested in learning the skills at the youngest age that will allow them to be ready for our Elite Juniors Program.  Our main focus is on 1 player 1 ball to 1v1's.  We will rarely do larger sided activities in this program.   

Parent Involvement Encouraged!

Our program is run by our staff coaches but we encourage parents to be out working with our coaches and their child.  The more active parents are in their children's activities, the more engaged the child will be in the activity.


Please direct any questions to Andy at