ECNL Teams play before 116 College Coaches in San Antonio, TX

The U15, 16, 17 and 18 ECNL teams traveld to San Antonio, Texas February 23-26 to participate in their first ECNL National Event of the season. Playing against clubs from New York, Arizona, Dallas, Southern California, Colorado, North Carolina and Washington, the teams were a combined 3-4-5.

The highlight of the event was the number of college coaches who watched the games. A total of 116 schools were watching MTA players this weekend. "That is one of the great benefits to this league" said MTA Girls Elite Director Dany Storlien. "Our players were exposed to coaches and schools from all over the country. There is not another way to get the kind of exposure our players got in one weekend." "And it’s not a one time shot either. A majority of these schools will come watch our players in San Diego and PDA as well" Storlien added. 

Next up for the ECNL teams is a home weekend March 9, 10 and 11 where they host Carmel (IN), Hawks (MI) and Vardar (MI).

Click here for the list of coaches who attended MTA games.