Financial Assistance Request

Financial Assistance Policy Guidelines

Minnesota Thunder Academy is committed to providing high-quality youth soccer that is accessible to everyone.  Financial Assistance covers registration fees only; team expenses, including but not limited to coaching fees, indoor training rental fees and tournament fees, are the responsibility of the applicant. MTA shall uphold the following guidelines: 

1. Inclusion.  If at all possible, no qualified player should be denied participation on a team due to financial hardship. 

2. Partial Payment.  MTA shall attempt to collect and the responsible adults (parents and/or guardians) shall attempt to pay a minimum of 25% of club registration fees for players receiving financial assistance. 

3. Volunteer Time. MTA shall expect each player and/or guardian to volunteer time to MTA.  

4. Written Request.  Responsible adults (parents/guardians) shall apply in writing via letter or application form supplied by MTA.  Primary application periods will be in August (prior to formation of Fall season teams) and November (prior to formation of Summer teams) 

5. Proof of Need.  Responsible adults seeking financial assistance should attempt to provide proof of need (such as, income tax records, payment stubs, social security, public assistance record, school lunch subsidy records, etc.)  In the absence of such records, the team manager and coach shall co-write a statement verifying need.  This proof will not be duplicated.  Any information will be returned with a confirmation letter.  

6. Factors to Consider.  MTA shall attempt to provide appropriate funding for all applicants.  When more requests are received than funds can cover, MTA should consider (but not be limited to) such funding priorities as:  

  • player’s relevant history as MTA participant   
  • risk of losing an MTA team without player(s) receiving financial assistance on the roster 
  • financial assistance funds benefiting as many MTA teams as possible 

Note:  Factors listed in Item 5 are considerations for the MTA Financial Assistance Committee and are not intended as the only relevant criteria for awarding financial assistance when funds are limited. 

7. Privacy.  MTA shall attempt to maintain privacy of financial assistance applicants and recipients.  The identities of applicant and recipients shall be shared on a “need to know” basis among Board members, coaches, managers, etc. who may be involved in appropriately carrying out the business of running MTA or an MTA team.

Download a paper version of the Financial Aid Request Form

*Submitting an application does not mean Financial Aid has been awarded.  All participants who are awarded Financial Aid will be contacted by MTA with approval and the next steps to proceed with.  If you do not hear anything, you have not received Financial Aid.*

** Financial Aid is due in our office by Friday, August 5th **

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