All players must register for tryouts in order to be considered for an MTA team.  This includes players who are injured or unable to attend.

Minnesota Thunder Academy is committed to providing high-quality youth soccer that is accessible to everyone.  Financial Assistance covers registration fees only; team expenses, including but not limited to uniforms, travel expenses, tournament fees, and scrimmage fees are the responsibility of the applicant. MTA shall uphold the following guidelines:

1. Inclusion.  If at all possible, no qualified player should be denied participation on a team due to financial hardship.

2. Partial Payment.  MTA shall collect and the responsible adults (parents and/or guardians) shall pay a discounted club registration fee for players receiving financial assistance.

3. Volunteer Time. MTA shall expect each player and/or guardian to volunteer at least 10 hours of time to MTA.

4. Written Request.  Responsible adults (parents/guardians) shall apply via online application form on MTA’s website.  Primary application periods will be in July, in preparation for the upcoming season.

5. Proof of Need.  Responsible adults seeking financial assistance must provide proof of need (such as, income tax records, payment stubs, social security, public assistance record, school lunch subsidy records, etc.)  In the absence of such records, the team manager and coach shall co-write a statement verifying need.  This proof will not be duplicated.  Any information will be returned or destroyed.

6. Factors to Consider.  MTA shall attempt to provide appropriate funding for all applicants, within the fund boundaries.  When more requests are received than funds can cover, MTA should consider (but not be limited to) such funding priorities as:
The player’s relevant history as MTA participant
The risk of losing an MTA team without player(s) receiving financial assistance on the roster
The financial assistance funds benefiting as many MTA teams as possible

7. Privacy.  MTA shall attempt to maintain privacy of financial assistance applicants and recipients. The identities of applicant and recipients shall be shared on a “need to know” basis among Board members, coaches, managers, etc. who may be involved in appropriately carrying out the business of running MTA or an MTA team.

Note: Factors listed in Item 5 are considerations for the MTA Financial Assistance Committee and are not intended as the only relevant criteria for awarding financial assistance when funds are limited.

Financial Form
To apply, complete the application form which can be found within the Tryout Registration for the appropriate soccer season.

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention has established the HEADS UP: Concussion in Youth Sports program and tool kit to provide training to coaches, athletes and parents regarding concussions. The Minnesota Legislature passed legislation (MN Statute 121A.37 and 121A.38) in 2011 regarding youth athletes, concussions and return to play. Application The Minnesota statute requires any nonprofit organization that organizes a youth athletic activity for which a fee is charged to meet the requirements of the statute.

The Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) policy requires all coaches and officials to take the free CDC online training course or MSHSL’s concussion training. The statute specifically applies to participating coaches and officials. Officials include referees, assistant referees and fourth officials. Furthermore, MYSA requires that this policy apply to team managers and anyone else receiving an MYSA pass.

Pre-Season Requirements

Coaches, officials, team managers and any adult receiving an MYSA pass are required to take the free CDC online training course Concussion Training for Coaches or a course approved by MYSA before they may coach or officiate and once every three years thereafter.

Click here to take the CDC training

The certificate of completion at the end of the training is proof the course has been taken and a copy of the certificate is to be delivered to MTA. Parents and athletes may take the course for their own information.

Season Requirements

Coaches during practices and coaches or officials during games shall remove a player from active participation in the practice or game if the player exhibits the signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion or is suspected of sustaining a concussion (MN Statue 121A.37(b)). The player is not allowed to return to play until cleared in writing by a provider trained in evaluation and management of concussions (MN Statue 121A.37(c)).

All Players will be expected to travel and room with their team members for away events. The purpose of this is to provide the players with a college-like environment and experience which will benefit them when they move on to the collegiate level and additionally will limit the costs incurred by each team member and family. Our intention is to introduce the players to all aspects of college play at the elite youth soccer level.

MTA team managers and/or coaches will coordinate and book all team travel and lodging for players on each of the U14-19 teams. Parents that may wish to travel are expected to coordinate their own travel and lodging. All players will be expected to travel to and from tournaments and to and from games with their teammates. Players will also be expected to participate in all team events that will be outlined in an itinerary prior to departure to each event.

Travel Budget: Once the team has met and agreed to their out-of-town schedule, the Team Manager will provide a travel budget and payment schedule. Failure to meet the payment schedule, provides the coach with discretion to replace a player with another MTA player or guest player to fill the team roster.

Chaperones: Each team will have two chaperones who will be required to travel and stay with their teams. The chaperone’s hotel and meal cost will be covered by each team.

Chaperone responsibilities will include: coordinating meals, study hall, curfew/bed check, laundry, medical/general care, Hotel: check-in/check-out, travel supervision, game check-in process, confirm schedules, bus driver liaison and other duties deemed necessary by the coach.

Any parent interested in chaperoning an event will communicate with their manager prior to the scheduled event and the chaperones will then be selected by the MTA staff.

Team Behavior Rules: Coach, players, and parents should review and agree on general travel behavior requirements and consequences if violations are committed. Behavior at tournaments for players, parents, & coaches is defined within the clubs code of conduct.

Player Responsibilities: Because of the importance of tournament play to the development of a team, all players are expected to participate in every event unless injured.

The club insists on making player safety the top priority when players are traveling.

Players are to act like young ladies and gentlemen at all times.

Each player is required to be where the coach wants you to be at the time the coach sets.

No player is allowed to go anywhere alone or leave the hotel without the expressed permission of the head coach.

Hotel rooms must be kept neat and organized. Also, players should tip housekeeping at the end of their stay. A player should be designated just prior to check-out to inspect the room for any items (clothes, uniforms, money etc.) left behind.

We are guests of the hotel. Footwear and proper attire should be worn in the public areas of the hotel. Our reputation for future stays by club teams are on the line.

Players are to be punctual and strictly follow all curfews.

Any problems must be communicated to the coach immediately.

At the coach’s discretion, players may be sent home at parent’s additional expense if they violate serious behavior rules related to drugs, drinking, illegal activities, tobacco products or having members of the opposite sex in rooms at any time.

Team Activities: The coach will determine all soccer and non-soccer activities during the trip.

Parents and players should remember that team activities take priority over any personal agendas you may have.

Soccer trips are not vacations. Obviously having fun is a part of all trips but we must remember that soccer must remain the top priority at all times.

Coaches travel: Coaches will be expected to travel and use the same lodging with their respective teams for away events. Each coach attending an event is expected to eat with their group throughout the event.

Bus tip – etiquette: $50-$75 per team

No member, volunteer, employee or contractor of Minnesota Thunder Academy (MTA) shall be subjected to harassment, intimidation, bullying, or cyberbullying as it relates to MTA activities on and off the field. For clarification, harassment, intimidation, bullying or cyberbullying means, but is not limited to, any written, verbal or physical act, or any electronic communication, shown to be motivated by an individual’s actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry or ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability, gender, gender identity and expression, or other distinguishing personal characteristic, or based on association with any person identified above, even in jest.

Furthermore, no member, volunteer, employee or contractor of MTA shall engage in or knowingly tolerate any such behavior harassment, intimidation, bullying or cyberbullying on or off the field as it relates to any teammates, other youth or teams, referees, MYS volunteers (coaches, TSLs, etc.), or MTA employees or contractors.

The MTA Board of Directors will respond quickly to any and all allegations of harassment within the organization. Any violation of this policy may involve a disciplinary hearing and/or action, including suspension or expulsion from MTA and related activities.

Our mission is to promote good sportsmanship throughout the organization and encourage qualities of mutual respect, courtesy and tolerance in all participants, coaches, officials, volunteers, employees, contractors, and spectators.

When registering with the Minnesota Thunder Elite Academy, you agree to pay in full, all club fees in accordance with the tuition payment schedule, therefore no refund will be given.

All players/families will be expected to place all Minnesota Thunder Academy events above any guest playing opportunities.  This excludes: Regional Team or National Team events.

Guest playing outside MTA
Minnesota Thunder Academy players cannot guest play for any other club team during the season year (August-July).

Guest playing inside MTA
Minnesota Thunder Academy players can guest play for other MTA teams by invitation only.  Coaches must follow the three steps below:

1. Coach to coach communication
2. Coach to player/family communication
3. Coach to managers communication

US Development Academy Players
Minnesota Thunder Academy players with “Fulltime” status can only participate in US Soccer Development Academy events.  Outside games are not permitted. Any camp participation must be accepted by MN Thunder Academy and US Soccer.

ECNL Players
Minnesota Thunder Academy players with “full-time” status can only participate on an Elite Club National team.
Outside games are not permitted. Any camps must be approved by the MTA Girls Elite Director and ECNL Staff.

Minnesota Thunder Academy is a premier competitive soccer club. There is no guarantee of minimum playing time for U13-U19 players. For U9-U12 Juniors teams, Coaches will make every effort to give all players 50% play time over the course of a season.