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#MTANation needs your help

During this challenging time we have seen many around the country and world step up to help each other. These acts of kindness are what are giving all of us hope during a difficult time. #MTANation, we are asking if there are people within our soccer family that are in position to help others at MTA who are struggling. We have families who have and will lose their jobs and experience financial hardship that may make it difficult for their children to continue to participate in soccer. During this uncertain time we are hoping our soccer family can come together to allow these children to continue to participate in the sport that they love. Every penny counts and can help. If you are in position to help, please make a tax-deductible donation. We are all in this together!

MTA club activities were suspended indefinitely on March 13, 2020.
We will return to small group training in June!

Update 5/22/20!
Minnesota Soccer Clubs are cleared to begin small group training (max 10) on June 1, according to Governor Walz’ Stay Safe Plan that includes gradual expansion for organized youth sports and training activities. While we are still trying all angles to get back to training by June 1, it looks very likely that the fields at Academy of Holy Angels and Richfield HS will not be available by that date, and we may be looking at a June 8 or June 15 start. In addition, there will be specific guidelines and safety precautions we must all follow, which we will communicate prior to getting on the field. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more, and will need your assistance in putting the plan into action.

Both our local leagues, TCSL and MYSA, notified us today that Summer 2020 league play has been cancelled. This was a difficult decision for both leagues and all clubs affected. Although everyone would love to get back to playing games soon, MTA fully supports the decision to make player health and safety the top priority.

More information and details of the plan will be communicated in the coming weeks. Our goal is to resume activities safely and responsibly, following all recommended guidelines.


March 13, 2020
For MTA staff and board, our club community is always at the forefront of our decisions. In accordance with recommendations concerning COVID-19, MTA will end all activities, effective beginning March 13, end date to be determined. As disappointing as this is for all of us, this is clearly the best and safest path forward in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe it is important for soccer clubs (and any organization) to take a break, slow the contagion down and help the healthcare system handle the coming illnesses. For more information, use the buttons on the right to view our club communications.

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

When will MTA training begin again?2020-03-31T16:02:04-05:00

(update 3/31/20) Based on league recommendations and the information provided by the MN Dept of Health, MTA is planning on a May 3rd start. Once restrictions are lifted and we can resume training, we will build a new training and game schedule to get every team as much training and field time as possible.  

(3/13/20) MTA’s plan is to restart training on April 13th, 2020. That date could be extended – based on the impact of the COVID-19 virus and recommendations from the MN Dept of Health, or possibly shortened, also based on the impact and direction from the MDH.

Am I going to get a refund?2020-03-31T16:05:46-05:00

3/31/20: We are planning to have a season beginning in early May. Until a final return-to-play date is established and leagues agree on what will happen with the season, any discussion of refunds is premature.

3/13/20: At this time, we do not know the extent or length of this suspension of activities, or how it will affect us long-term. There are currently no plans to refund players, and we ask you to continue to make your scheduled payments so that we are ready to return to play as soon as restrictions are lifted. As a non-profit club operating year-round, many of our expenses are committed to up to a year in advance. MTA has created a budget based on expected income and expenses. Our club still needs to pay for field rentals, coaching staff, administrative staff, advertising, insurance, league fees, etc etc. Our expenses will not be reduced during this time.

Can I set up separate small group or individual training with an MTA coach?2020-03-13T16:31:56-05:00

NO. MTA’s decision to suspend activities is to follow the official guidelines for social distancing. 

MTA cannot monitor what players do on their own, nor should we. That is up to the player and their parents. At this time, we would not recommend getting together in groups. We cannot give permission or be liable for our coaches to work with their MTA players outside of MTA training. MTA Coaching staff will not participate in any in-person training during this time period. 

Independent organizations – TCO/Training Haus, Nextlevel Training, etc may continue their training during this time. These organizations are independent of MTA. We already have MTA players involved at those companies, and support what the player and their parents decide to do on their own.

Who makes the decision to suspend/postpone MTA games/training?2020-03-13T16:31:28-05:00

The MTA Board of Directors and MTA staff make these very difficult decisions.  The decisions are always based on player and coach safety, taking into consideration information from the CDC, MN Department of Health and the MN Department of Education. MTA does this in conjunction with our leagues (TCSL, MYSA & ECNL) and partners (Academy of Holy Angels & City of Richfield).

Below are direct links to the MTA soccer affiliated leagues and associations for more information:

TCSL Covid-19 update: All league games & NPL cancelled through March 22 (announced 3/13/2020)

MYSA Covid-19 update: All activities suspended through April 15 (announced 3/12/2020)

ECNL Girls Covid-19 update: League and events suspended through April 30 (announced: 3/12/2020)

ECNL Boys Covid-19 update: League and events suspended through April 30 (announced: 3/12/2020)

What can I do to stay fit and sharp, and be prepared for the season when it does reconvene?2020-03-13T16:31:04-05:00

THIS is the question players should be asking! We know our dedicated MTA players love soccer and will continue to work on their personal improvement during this time. 

MTA Coaching Directors (Danny Storlien, Tommy Sivongsay, Mark Yueill & Joe Watt), along with the Coaches for each team, will be sending information for players to work on ‘Soccer Homework’.  This is of course based on the current health environment in each household.  

It is also important for the players to take responsibility for their own fitness and soccer skill levels. You get out of it, what you put into it!

Who do I contact if I have questions?2020-03-14T09:39:20-05:00

You can alway email the MTA office staff at:

For soccer questions, contact:

  1. Your team’s Head Coach (contact info on your TeamSnap page)
  2. Your relevant Director:
What is the status of the Cash Raffle?2020-03-23T13:01:24-05:00

Given the suspension of all MTA activities and the recommendations of social distancing, we are temporarily suspending the 2020 Cash Raffle.  We are working with the MN Gambling Control Board to extend our drawing deadline and will keep you up to date as the situation progresses.

What will happen if Summer Camps or ThunderBolts must be cancelled?2020-03-24T12:08:49-05:00

See the dates on each webpage for summer camps and summer ThunderBolts. If camps must be cancelled due to Covid-19, 100% refunds will be given.

What is happening now that club activities are shut down?2020-03-31T15:59:21-05:00

It has been fun to see the number of teams participating in the challenges on social media, and having zoom meetings or Google Hangouts to remain connected. These are examples of MTA coaches, teams and players being optimistic, investing in their own growth and development, and working toward their future.

Your player’s coach has already reached out to him/her and the team. Player evaluations will be delivered, coaches are sharing training plans and videos, and remaining in contact with your team. Players should continue to invest in their own growth, maintain/improve their fitness level and work on individual ball skills. With commitment to individual work, our dedicated soccer players will emerge technically even better than they were before – and ready to take take on all opponents once the game resumes. (3/31/20)

Do I have to keep making my monthly payment?2020-03-31T16:04:46-05:00

The short answer is yes, you need to continue making payments for your player to remain active and ready to resume training and continue the season once restrictions are lifted. Your monthly MTA Player Fee is based on the expenses of your team for the entire season, it is not a specific monthly expense. For those families that chose the 10 payment plan, that was offered only as a way to stretch your fee across the season.

The MTA board has approved a deferment plan and we will continue to work with all families to keep payment plans active on an individual basis. If you are on a payment plan and your family is struggling financially, please reach out to Tara Blastick.

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