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Frequently Asked Questions2017-05-04T17:35:42-05:00
What time does Camp start and end?2017-12-07T15:33:00-05:00

Camp will begin on Thursday afternoon, tentatively around 4:00pm.
Camp will end on Saturday afternoon after lunch, tentatively around 2:00pm.
More details will be sent to registrations closer to the start of Camp.

How do we register for the MTA Thunder Open?2018-03-02T10:24:18-05:00

Register yourself or your entire foursome online HERE.

How do we register for the Father & Son Camp?2018-10-17T19:00:26-05:00

Registration is online only. Please use the link on the Father-Son Camp page.

If it rains, will the training program at the Father & Son Camp be cancelled?2017-04-05T06:55:08-05:00

No. The St. Olaf Fieldhouse has been secured as a backup training facility.

Is there any goalkeeper training at the Father & Son Camp?2017-04-05T06:52:43-05:00

Goalkeeper training will be offered.

What should we bring to the Father & Son Camp and what should I/we wear?2017-12-07T08:52:43-05:00

Players should bring shinguards, soccer cleats, and footwear appropriate for use on a turf surface. You should also bring court shoes in case practice is moved indoors due to weather.

Do participants need to bring their own water to the Father & Son Camp?2018-10-17T19:01:49-05:00

Players and parents should bring their own refillable water bottles.

Do participants need to bring meals to the Father & Son Camp?2017-12-07T08:55:06-05:00

No. The camp fee includes housing and meals. Thursday dinner through Saturday lunch are included.

Do I have to be a member of MTA to attend the Father & Son Camp?2017-04-05T06:49:36-05:00

Not at all. The MTA Father & Son Soccer Camp is open to any player and parent regardless of any club affiliation.

Does my player need to attend all the tryout sessions for their age group?2017-04-04T16:00:54-05:00

We recommend attendance at all tryouts. This will allow the most exposure to the evaluators during the tryout process.

How many teams will MTA have in the Competitive Program?2017-04-03T18:10:06-05:00

The number of players signed up for a particular age group will determine the number of teams we attempt to field.

Do players selected to the Emerging Talent Program need to attend all events and training?2017-04-03T06:37:10-05:00

Attending training is highly recommended.  Our staff recognizes that players might not be able to attend all of the events.  That is okay, we typically have a large pool (24-30 players) to ensure proper numbers for training session plans.

Who runs training sessions and coaches games for the MTA Junior Academy – Emerging Talent Program?2017-04-03T06:35:15-05:00

Staff consists of MTA Junior Academy staff, MTA Elite Academy staff, and US Development Academy staff.

What are the costs associated with the MTA Junior Academy – Emerging Talent Program?2017-04-19T05:47:08-05:00

There are no additional training or facility costs beyond tuition fees.  The only costs associated are tournament entry and travel costs.

How Is the pool selected for the MTA Junior Academy – Emerging Talent Program?2017-04-03T06:32:23-05:00

The pool is selected based on observation throughout the year by the MTA Directors and Staff members.

Do MTA Junior Academy teams travel out-of-town for tournaments?2017-04-03T06:28:23-05:00

At this age, most of our teams will get adequate competition in the metro area. It is possible that our top teams at this age may travel to out-of-town tournaments. If this is the case, you will be made aware of this at tryouts.

Is financial aid available?2017-04-03T06:27:08-05:00

Financial aid may be available to those that qualify.  An application with proof of income must be presented to the MTA Board of Directors on a yearly basis.  There are also opportunities for players/teams to participate in fundraisers to help curb costs.

What if my child plays in other sports?2017-04-03T18:14:27-05:00

MTA is home to many players who participate in multiple sports and MTA celebrates the multi-sport athlete experience.  The desire is that the player is respectful of the commitment to the team and be present at most team events.  Athletes playing in the US Soccer Development Academy, ECNL, MTA Elite Academy, MTA Junior Academy, MRL, MYSA Premier, or MYSA Classic 1 level must be willing to be at a vast majority of the team’s training sessions and competitive events.  The cost is the same for players who attend all events and those who attend on a less regular basis.