2021-2022 Season Tryouts
• held in July 2021 •

Tryouts held at: Academy of Holy Angels South Turf & Stardome
6600 Nicollet Ave S, Richfield, MN 55423

Note: Dates/times are subject to change due to COVID-19 restrictions
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Birthyear Age Groups • 2021-2022 Season


Boys U12-U19 NPL & remaining ECNL

Birthyears 2010-2003  /  July 25-26, 2021 – attend tryout sessions both July 25 and July 26

Boys NPL teams will be formed & remaining ECNL rosters finalized July 25-26

Day / Date2010 – U122009- U132008- U142007- U152006- U162005- U172004/03- U19
Sun July 25 NPL/Elite/ECNL Session 110:00-11:30am10:00-11:30am11:30am-1:00pm11:30am-1:00pm11:30am-1:00pm1:00-2:30pm1:00-2:30pm
Mon July 26 NPL/Elite/ECNL Session 210:00-11:30am10:00-11:30am11:30am-1:00pm11:30am-1:00pm11:30am-1:00pm1:00-2:30pm1:00-2:30pm

Girls U12-U19 NPL & remaining ECNL

Birthyears 2010-2003  /  July 25-26, 2021 – attend tryout sessions both July 25 and July 26

Girls NPL teams will be formed & remaining ECNL rosters finalized July 25-26

Day / Date2010 - U122009- U132008- U142007- U152006- U162005- U172004/03- U19
Sun July 25 NPL/ECNL Session 14:30-6:00pm4:30-6:00pm6:00-7:30pm3:30-5:00pm2:30-4:00pm2:00-3:30pm7:30-9:00pm
Mon July 26 NPL/ECNL Session 24:30-6:00pm4:30-6:00pm6:00-7:30pm3:30-5:00pm2:30-4:00pm2:00-3:30pm7:30-9:00pm

Junior Boys & Girls Tryouts (completed)

Birthyears 2013-2012-2011  •  July 19-20, 2021
attend tryout sessions both July 19 and July 20

Day / Date2013 & 2012 – U9/U10 Boys & Girls2011 – U11 Boys & Girls
Monday July 19 – Session 15:30-6:45pm7:00-8:15pm
Tuesday July 20 – Session 25:30-6:45pm7:00-8:15pm

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Girls ECNL Tryouts U13-U19 (completed)

Birthyears 2009-2003  /  July 13 & 15, 2021 – attend tryout sessions both July 13 and July 15
** All girls trying out for an ECNL team should attend – ECNL rosters will be formed from these sessions.

Day / Date2009- U132008- U142007- U152006- U162005- U172004/03- U19
Tues July 13 ECNL Session 15:30-7:00pm2:30-4:00pm7:00-8:30pm8:30-10:00pm1:00-2:30pm4:00-5:30pm
Thu July 15 ECNL Session 25:30-7:00pm2:30-4:00pm7:00-8:30pm8:30-10:00pm1:00-2:30pm4:00-5:30pm

Boys ECNL Tryouts U13-U19 (completed)

Birthyears 2009-2003  /  July 11-12 2021 – attend tryout sessions both July 11 and July 12
** All boys trying out for an ECNL team should attend – ECNL rosters will be formed from these sessions.

Day / Date2009- U132008- U142007- U152006- U162005- U172004/03- U19
Sunday July 11 ECNL Session 13:00-4:30pm3:30-5:00pm5:00-6:30pm6:30-8:00pm8:00-9:30pm4:30-6:00pm
Monday July 12 ECNL Session 27:00-8:30pm5:30-7:00pm8:30-10:00pm2:30-4:00pm1:00-2:30pm4:00-5:30pm

Tryout Steps, Details & FAQs

Tryout Steps, Details and FAQs – click on the tabs to learn more!

Register for Tryouts

Tryout Fee:  All participants MUST register prior to tryouts, regardless of attendance.
You will not be placed on a team unless you are registered for tryouts.

Registering for tryouts does not guarantee a position with a team at MTA, nor does it bind a player to the club.

Financial Aid:  If you intend to apply for financial aid, you MUST complete the application using the link in the tryout registration.
(Do you wish to apply for Financial Aid?  Check: “Yes” and the link to the Financial Aid Application will be on your receipt).

Financial Aid

Minnesota Thunder Academy has a limited amount of financial aid to distribute each year to players in need during a season.  It is our goal to help players achieve their dreams on the soccer field by assisting with a portion of their Player Fees when needed.

In support of this policy, MTA has developed a sliding financial aid schedule based on household income and household size using the Federal Poverty Guidelines.  This schedule of discounts will be updated annually maintaining the most current poverty level table in order to determine the eligibility of discounts. Gross income is used for eligibility purposes and proof of need is REQUIRED to receive financial aid.

Players within MTA must be in good standings to re-apply and all players must remain current on their payments throughout the season to continue training.

Any financial aid awarded will be applied to Player fees owed to Minnesota Thunder Academy. It does not apply to individual team expenses or uniforms.

To request financial aid for the upcoming season, the player/family must complete the Financial Aid Application (link provided when you register for Tryouts) and provide the necessary proof of need within two weeks of completing the registration. Incomplete applications and failure to submit required documents will result in denial of your request.
If a player qualifies for financial aid, he/she will receive a fee adjustment applied to your payment plan during registration process.
** Financial Aid is only applicable to player fees **

Financial Aid Requirements:

  1. Every player on the team, including players receiving financial are responsible for all additional fees incurred by the team. Team fees will be collected by your team manager, or in some cases by the MTA office.
  2. If the player leaves MTA, the family will forfeit all financial aid and be accountable for all fees paid in full prior to player receiving any release to be allowed to play at another club.
  3. Financial aid is awarded only for the current season. Recipients must reapply each year. Prior awards of financial aid do not guarantee future awards.
  4. If the financial aid recipient has a remaining balance at season’s end, they may not be considered for financial aid the following season and future seasons.
  5. Club/Player fees will be reduced by any financial aid awarded. Monthly payments must be made to stay current and to have the total due paid in full no later than May 1.


If financial aid is awarded, players must stay current with the agreed-upon payment plan each month.

Players who are behind on payments for club/player fees due to MTA AND/OR team fees due to the team manager will not be allowed to attend training or participate in games or tournaments. 

What should you wear / bring to Tryouts?

  • MTA Tryout t-shirts with numbers will be provided at check-in and BOTH shirts should be brought to both tryout sessions.
  • Soccer shoes/cleats
  • Soccer ball (inflated)
  • Soccer gear appropriate for weather (no club affiliated logos/gear)
  • Shin pads
  • Plenty of Water!
  • Sunscreen
  • Hand sanitizer / face mask if required

Check in early on the day of Tryouts

Every player must check-in for BOTH DAYS of their birthyear tryout sessions.

  • Day 1 Check-In:  You will receive your MTA tryout t-shirts, your tryout numbers and any information we have regarding your season.
  • Day 2 Check-In: Check in when you arrive.  You MUST bring both of the MTA tryout t-shirts (with tryout numbers) for Day 2.

If you have not pre-registered, you will be required to do so before you can attend tryouts.  On-field registration is $75.
Please bring a smart device to register at the field and cash or credit card for payment (no checks).

Tryouts! Time for you to play your best, and MTA Staff to evaluate

  • Hydrate, eat well and get lots of sleep the night(s) before tryouts.
  • The tryout evaluation process will be over a 2 day period – see the schedule for details
  • With every tryout season, there is potential for change which can cause great anxiety for players and parents.  We recommend families discuss all of the options with your player during the evaluation process and understand the potential difference between making “the top team” and being placed on the best team for his/her growth and development. Remember, the NPL teams at MTA are often at the same or a higher level than the top team at other clubs, and our NPL teams usually compete at the top of their league!
  • We understand that each player is unique and they develop at different rates. We provide the opportunity for our players to train and play at an appropriate level of play for their current level of performance. This helps us ensure we can get all players in the best environment for their continual development. We encourage you not to get caught up in the level of team your player is on and instead focus on the path of their development.

A team offer!

After Tryouts, rosters are typically finalized within a few days. Players will be notified via email if they are offered a position on an MTA team. The email will include instructions to either accept or decline the roster spot.  The team offer will be sent to the main contact email entered in your Tryout registration.

MTA tryouts are highly competitive and there are usually multiple players qualified. Be ready to accept or decline your roster offer quickly, so the team can be confirmed or your roster spot may be offered to another deserving player. We know you are anxious to receive an offer, and we do our best to get them sent out as quickly as possible.

  • ECNL team offers are usually sent within 24 hours after the last tryout. You will have 24 hours to accept or decline your offer. Be ready to decide!
  • NPL team offers are usually sent within 24 hours after the last tryout. You will have 24 hours to accept or decline your offer.
  • Juniors (U9-U12) team offers are usually sent within 24 hours after the last tryout. You will have 48 hours to accept or decline your offer.

If you do not hear from us immediately, don’t despair! Sometimes it takes us a little longer than expected to communicate with all players. Once rosters are offered and accepted, all other players will be notified of their status. If you are not offered a roster spot on an ECNL team, you will receive an email by July 22nd. You are invited to try out again on July 25-26 with no additional cost. Tryouts July 25-26 are for Girls’ NPL and any remaining ECNL roster positions.

In order to accept a roster spot, an Acceptance Deposit must be paid.
A few weeks after your deposit, you will be asked to choose your payment plan and make your first payment of the remainder of your player fees.

Accept (or Decline) your roster offer

In order to accept a roster spot, click Accept in your offer email, and pay the Acceptance Deposit.
This commits your player to MTA in all leagues for the entire season, August through the following July.

Acceptance fee:
$300 ECNL teams
$200 NPL teams
$100 U9-U12 teams

Rosters are not final until all players have completed their player registration and made a payment. Payment must be received within the stated time period on your offer letter, or the club may offer your roster spot to other eligible players.

The Player Acceptance Deposit (or any portion thereof) binds your player to Minnesota Thunder Academy for the full Competitive season, through the end of July of the following year. Commitment to Minnesota Thunder Academy is valid for ECNL, TSCL, US Club, USYS and MYSA leagues.  All MTA Player fees are Non-Refundable*.

Financial Aid(FA):  If you applied and you qualify to receive financial aid, you will receive information regarding your financial aid award with your team offer, and instructions for securing your roster spot should you accept the financial conditions of your offer. You must pay the Acceptance fee.  Any financial aid discounts will be applied to all future payments.  See the Financial Aid tab for more information.

*As a Non-Profit organization that must plan the use of resources and staff in advance, we do not refund Player fees. 

A few weeks after your acceptance, you will be asked to set up your payment plan and make your first payment.

Payment Plans available for your Season fees:

1 payment:  Pay in full today. The acceptance deposit you already paid will be deducted from the total due.

4 payment plan:  The acceptance deposit you already paid will be deducted from the total due. Remaining player fees are divided into 4 equal installments, with the first payment collected online when you set up the plan. The remaining payments will be automatically debited from the same account* on October 10; December 10; and February 10. There is a $60 service fee for this option.

10 payment plan:  The acceptance deposit you already paid will be deducted from the total due. Remaining player fees are divided into 10 equal installments, with the first payment collected when you set up the plan. The remaining payments will be automatically debited from the same account* on September 10, October 10, November 10, December 10 and January 10, February 10, March 10, April 10 and May 10. There is a $180 service fee for this option.

* If you wish to use a different account to pay the balance, log into your BYGA account BEFORE the date of payment to update your account information. 

Please have your Visa, Mastercard, Discover or bank account routing and account number available. Following completion of your registration, you will see a charge on your account from Minnesota Thunder Academy.

All MTA players must order the 2020-2022 Uniform Kit.  The Uniform Kit is approximately $210.
You will receive uniform ordering information a few weeks after you accept your roster position.

Kit Includes:

  • 2 Game Jerseys:  Carolina Blue & White
  • 2 Game Shorts: Carolina Blue & White
  • Socks: Carolina Blue, White & Navy
  • Training Jersey: Navy
  • Training Shorts: Navy
  • 2 numbered pinnies

Do I have to register if I can’t attend Tryouts?
YES. All players MUST register online for Tryouts in advance, regardless of attendance at Tryouts. You will not be considered for placement on a team if you are not registered. Please let us know if you will miss tryouts by emailing admin@mnthunderacademy.org.

What if I am injured and cannot participate in Tryouts? 
Players who are injured and unable to participate in tryouts must still register for Tryouts.  If you are injured after you have submitted your tryout registration, please email admin@mnthunderacademy.org. All injured players should still attend tryouts.

What should I wear to Tryouts?
MTA t-shirts will be handed out at the first tryout for your age group. Players need to bring BOTH t-shirts to any/all tryouts!  Shinguards are required. Do not wear any soccer team affiliated gear/logos (including MTA).

What should I bring to Tryouts?
Plenty of water, sunscreen, shinguards, soccer cleats, and an inflated soccer ball of the appropriate size. You should have hand sanitizer with you, and use it often. Wear a face mask if required at that time.

Should I attend both days of the Tryout Process?
Yes, every player should attend both tryout days for his/her birthyear.  If you are unable to attend, it is important that you communicate with your DOC before your tryouts and notify the MTA office at admin@mnthunderacademy.org.

Are team fees included in the registration cost?
No, team fees (tournaments/travel/showcases/winter leagues/extra scrimmages/etc…) are not included in MTA player fees, except when otherwise noted in the team’s Season Plan. The Season Plan is a cost estimate only. Each team has an individualized season plan and all team fees are determined by the team’s coach and DOC and finalized in November/December after a team meeting. Team fees are collected by the team manager in most cases, but at times may be collected through the MTA office.

Is the uniform included in the cost?
No, the uniform is not included in the registration/MTA player fees.  The uniform follows a 2 year life cycle, which begins Fall 2020 and ends with the Summer 2022 season.  Uniform numbers will be assigned by the club in order to minimize unnecessary and costly jersey changes and/or purchases throughout the uniform cycle.

Can I watch my child’s tryout? 
Parents are not allowed on the tryout fields, to coach from the sidelines, or to engage in conversation with evaluators.

What if I have other questions not answered here?
Please email admin@mnthunderacademy.org with your questions and they will be forwarded to the appropriate staff.

Tryouts Fueled By…

Why Choose MTA

  • Year-round training with the top talent in Minnesota.

  • Highly-qualified coaches with US Soccer & NSCAA accreditation.

  • Perfect for serious players who seek a high level of competition.

  • Gain visibility to collegiate scouts and national team coaches.

What Parents Say

MTA provides elite coaching and technical training other clubs cannot match. They also understand how to prepare the kids for the next level.

The kids that gravitate to MTA push each other to be better soccer players while being good people.

The coaching is consistent. It doesn’t matter who the coach is or what level—Each and every coach is teaching the players how to possess the ball and increasing their soccer IQ. We are always please with the methods.

The training, teaching of ball control and footwork, and knowledge of game strategy is hands above community clubs.

Training is great! If you want to play college soccer MTA is heads above everyone else.

As the years go by, our son is growing so much as a player and we are excited for his future with the club

Great coaching staff!


Challenging every player, at every level, thereby giving an equal opportunity to develop to anyone who wants it.

The coaching and training is excellent as well as the facilities for winter training.

MTA provides a safe and effective training environment.  They provide top level coaching for the elite teams and challenge the players to develop their skills.

MTA provides opportunities for soccer players who are very dedicated to the sport through great coaching and playing opportunities.

My son’s coach truly cares about him and every player on his team.


The Minnesota Thunder Academy was created as model for player development based on the structure of successful European and South American academies.  MTA’s model for player development has proven successful with more players advancing to play collegiately, professionally, and for national teams than any other club in the Upper Midwest.

ThunderBolts Development Academy offers professional training for U7-U8 players at any skill level in a fun but challenging age-appropriate environment. The ThunderBolts program is designed to lay a foundation for the love of soccer, self-discovery and independence for boys and girls ages 6-8. The goals are to expose each player to game-like situations, raise overall ability level and the general soccer awareness of each individual player. The focus on technical skills training is to allow the ThunderBolts players to become very comfortable with a ball and eventually be able to make natural decisions.
Learn more about ThunderBolts >>>

Ages 8 through 12 are the most critical development years of a soccer player’s career. It is at these ages where the basic fundamental skills of soccer are mastered that allow players to compete and be successful as soccer players at the next level of play and where they develop a true love for the game. This year-round program is designed for players ages 8-12 years old who have a higher level of ability, commitment, and interest level in soccer. This program helps prepare players who aspire to play on an MTA ECNL or NPL Team. 

Learn more about the MTA Junior Academy >>

The MTA Minnesota NPL and Elite Academy program typically consists of two teams at each age-group (U13-U19). All teams train year-round, consistently challenge for State Cup championships, and compete against regional and national opponents.  No Minnesota club has been more successful at developing elite players and teams than MTA.

Learn more about the MTA Minnesota NPL Program >>

Minnesota Thunder Academy is proud to be the only Minnesota club selected to compete in the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) for both boys and girls.

In 2009, the Minnesota Thunder Academy girls program was announced as an inaugural member club of the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL), the highest level of female youth soccer in the United States.
Learn more about the Girls ECNL Program >>

The Minnesota Thunder Academy boys program joined Boys ECNL beginning with the 2019-2020 season.
Learn more about Boys ECNL >>

MTA Players Have Represented