TWO great training facilities:
Academy of Holy Angels • 6600 Nicollet Ave • Richfield, MN • 55423
MTA Winter Park Training Complex • 9520 Viking Dr • Eden Prairie, MN • 55344


two training locations

The Player Pathway

Embark on a soccer journey like no other at Minnesota Thunder Academy, where we’ve crafted a seamless player development pathway leading to the pinnacle of national competition, the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL). Begin your development in our ThunderBolts Program, and progress your way through further leagues in order to make your way to the top skill level of youth soccer. Representing the highest level of competition nationally, the ECNL provides an unparalleled stage for you to showcase your talents against the best in the country. At Minnesota Thunder Academy, we are committed to nurturing talent at every stage of this exciting journey, to help you play soccer at your highest level.

The Coaching IMPACT

MTA Coaches with US Soccer, UEFA & USC accreditation

Minnesota Thunder Academy stands out as a premier soccer institution in the State of Minnesota, boasting an exceptional coaching staff that is both highly licensed and extensively experienced. Committed to fostering excellence in soccer development, our coaches bring a wealth of expertise derived from diverse backgrounds, including playing on Division 1, national, and professional teams. This firsthand experience at the highest levels of the sport equips them with unique insights into the intricacies of elite-level play, which they passionately share with our aspiring athletes.


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Collegiate Athletes

Professional Athletes

National Team Players


The chemistry on my son’s team is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced and we feel much of that is due to the example set by the coaches and club directors. We didn’t know this kind of youth soccer existed in Minnesota and only wish we’d made the move earlier.

Ashley B. – MTA Parent

” I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate the MTA program. As a father of a player who is working towards playing collegiate soccer, I wanted to give him the best opportunity to first be coached by the best coaches in MN and second get some national exposure through ECNL.
I believe that he has gotten both. I cannot say enough about Mark Yueill, who is not just a great tactician, but has also shown him the value of attitude and hard work.”
Don R. – MTA Parent

“There is no doubt that my son made his biggest improvements as a soccer player while at MTA. He was taught tactical as well as technical things that have served him increasingly well as he developed. Perhaps more importantly, his coach Mark Yueill placed an equal importance on being a good teammate, respecting the officials and your opponents and being dedicated to your team. This is often overlooked, but character development was a central tenet of his education at MTA and we are thankful for the balance Mark demanded. ”

Matthew H. – MTA Parent

” My daughter has not only improved her skills since being part of the MTA program, she has gained confidence and I cannot express how amazing it is to see her comfortable in an environment with her teammates, coaches and friends and free of anxiety and worries.
It is truly a safe space for her and has been an incredible blessing to see her excited, happy and excelling. .”

Amanda Jane F. – MTA Parent

” If you want to play college ball, especially outside of the midwest then MTA would be a great option” 

Anny C. – MTA Parent

” The costs are up front, but you know what you are getting and have consistently high-quality facilities to train in, strong coaches available when training is to happen and focused on players’ success and expectation that post-club play is what all players want.”

Michelle G. – MTA Parent

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