Juniors Academy U9 – U12

Ages 6-12 are crucial for soccer development. Master fundamental skills, compete successfully, and cultivate a love for the game. For 6-8 year olds, get started in our ThunderBolts Development Program

MTA’s Juniors program offers quality training and play throughout all seasons, with a combination of highly licensed and experienced coaches, along with many young coaches being mentored by those with more experience. 

The year-round Juniors Academy is designed for U9-U12 players of higher level of ability, commitment, and interest level in soccer. The Juniors program will prepare you for future participation in Minnesota NPL, Boys ECNL, or Girls ECNL



The MTA Junior Academy operates within the Twin Cities metro area and practices are held in Eden Prairie and Richfield. Teams are typically formed for each gender age group (U9-U12). Players ages 6-8 are encouraged to train in our year-round ThunderBolts Development Program.

MTA Junior Academy teams compete in the Twin Cities Soccer League (TCSL – US Club).


Tryouts for the MTA Juniors Academy will be held in mid-July. For details, please visit the Tryouts Information page.


Training Frequency: 3 times per week.
Locations: MTA Winter Park Training Facility in Eden Prairie, and Academy of Holy Angels in Richfield


Please see the Team Expectations pages in the Tryouts section for information on the current season.


MTA Junior Academy teams typically participate in 3-4 tournaments per year in addition to league play. It is possible that our top teams at this age may travel to out-of-town tournaments. If this is the case, you will be made aware of this at tryouts.

Key Success Factors

Training Environment

Players will train with our professional coaches in a highly competitive setting. With high quality facilities at Academy of Holy Angels and at the MTA Training Facility at Winter Park, our training environment simply cannot be replicated.


Teams within the MTA Junior Academy train together 2 to 3 times per week from mid-August through mid-July of the following Summer

Technical Foundation

Players work under the guidance of our top-level professional soccer coaches and trainers. We make it a priority that our players are given the right technical foundation that will allow them to compete at the next levels of play (Minnesota NPL, Boys ECNL, Girls ECNL, high school varsity, collegiate, professional).


Are you tired of being on teams with half the players seldom showing up for training? MTA brings together like-minded families who have a higher level of commitment and interest in soccer.


We instill and foster a deep passion for the game. This passion is what will help drive and motivate the players to work on their technical skills on their own and to compete at the highest levels of play.

Year-Round Professional Coaching

Your coach is with you for the entire year; not just some training sessions through the winter and once or twice in the summer. Our coaches stay with their teams through the entire year for both training and games.


When you Join the Thunder Academy

You get Access to Club only Camps and Events that take place throughout the year


” I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate the MTA program. As a father of a player who is working towards playing collegiate soccer, I wanted to give him the best opportunity to get first be coached by the best coaches in MN and secondly get some national exposure through ECNL.  I believe that he has gotten both. I cannot say enough about Mark Yueill, who is not just a great tactician, but has also showing the value of attitude and hard work.”
Don R. – MTA Parent

There is no doubt that Joe made his biggest improvements as a soccer player while at MTA. He was taught tactical as well as technical things that have served him increasingly well as he developed. Perhaps more importantly, his coach Mark Yuiell placed an equal importance on being a good team mate, respecting the officials and your opponents and being dedicated to your team. This is often overlooked, but character development was a central tenet of Joe’s education at MTA and we are thankful for the balance Mark demanded.

Matthew H. – MTA Parent

” My daughter has not only improved her skills since being part of the MTA program, she has gained confidence and I cannot express how amazing it is to see her comfortable in an environment with her teammates, coaches and friends and free of anxiety and worries. It is truly a safe space for her and has been an incredible blessing to see her excited, happy and excelling. .”

Amanda Jane F. – MTA Parent

” If you want to play college ball, especially outside of the midwest then MTA would be a great option” 

Anny C. – MTA Parent

” The costs are up front, but you know what you are getting and have consistently high-quality facilities to train in, strong coaches available when training is to happen and focused on players’ success and expectation that post-club play is what all players want.”

Michelle G. – MTA Parent

The chemistry on my son’s team is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced and we feel much of that is due to the example set by the coaches and club directors. We didn’t know this kind of youth soccer existed in Minnesota and only wish we’d made the move earlier.

Ashley B. – MTA Parent